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Our People, Our Process

Work, in our opinion, should be collegial, exciting, secure and rewarding. Given our values-based approach, we endorse a process of review and renewal, through which people are encouraged to re-discover an organization's origins, premise, objectives and principles. Our process consists of an assessment phase, generally conducted through a variety of conversations and interviews, both personal and electronic, depending on the preferences and requirements of the situation; a problem-solving phase, in which a number of trial solutions are tested to achieve a tailored 'fit' with the organization; and the recommendation phase, in which a final report is presented incorporating advice as to the most profitable way forward.

Using a core group of advisors to manage and coordinate the renewal process, we suggest reaching out, as required, to other experts in the fields most specific to the organizational case. This includes drawing on expertise from the areas of marketing research, management, human resources, politics and public policy, membership development, fundraising, product development, project management, communications and administration.

We believe organizational and individual renewal requires a fundamental understanding of, personal commitment to, civic and financial literacy. The goal is to earn and sustain an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding through which to complete this important work of engaging people as active participants in an advanced and profitable society, equipped with an essential, effective, expertise.

Meredith McKay